I am Princess, Hear Me Roar!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Hello? Is this still on?

Testing, testing.

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Dear Daddy,

Mummy says sorry for posting this a day late, but as you know we were all knackered yesterday- even me! Besides, you told us everyday is Father's Day, so I just thought I'd tell you this:-

Thank you for:
Being there when I was pulled out of Mummy's tummy, especially since Mummy was still asleep then

Being there when I had to be in that box in the room with all the little babies, especially since Mummy couldn't get up to see me then.

Being there to take pictures of my every waking (and sleeping, and crying) moment.

Being there to help Mummy and Nen whenever I need my nappy changed or a bottle of ngeng. Mummy is still amazed with how fast you became so good at taking care of me.

Being there to take care of me when Atok and Nen went to Vienna and Mummy had to go to that Evil Place (yuck!)

Being there for me to play with all the time!

I love you so much, Daddy!

P/s:- Mummy says she'll give her present later as she is broke, hehe.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Such is (A Lil Princess's) Life!

Greetings people!

I have been very busy eating solids and generally attemting to maintain my title as the Cutest Baby in the Universe lately that I (or rather, Mummy) have been up to our necks in pureed fruit and vege. (Ed's note: Quite literally true- pictorial evidence forthcoming). Here're some of the things that keep me busy.

Nadyn J's Guide To Rolling Over
1. Suck on toesies for encouragement

2. Close eyes, meditate and be one with the playmat

3. Let the rolling commence!

4. Bite playmat as a reward

Nadyn J's Guide to Lolling About:

Nadyn J's Guide To Blogging

Distract Mummy before attempting to eat keyboard

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

HRC's Favourite Things!

Greetings Loyal Subjects!

Firstly, Mummy apologizes for the delay. She'd taken so many pictures with the new toy Daddy bought her (2 CDs' worth!) that they took aaaaaaaages to upload! Anyhow, I'd like to show you pictures of me and my favourite things. Although Mummy doesn't have a picture of me sucking my favouritest thing of all- my toesies! (Mummy: Pictorial evidence forthcoming hopefully next month, as I've reached my flickr quota for this month)

Anyway, Mummy thinks I've lost weight since now I'm not so much an eating machine and I like to play more. She also says that although my cheeks are chubbier (Mummy: Yum Yum!) she can see my neck. Silly Mummy! That's because I can hold up my neck properly now and like to roll over so much (Mummy: Pictorial evidence forthcoming yada yada yada). Sometimes I think I'm a ball, even in my sleep! Also I think now I'm ready for walking since I can stand up, even though the silly subjects at home say I'm supposed to start crawling first. When they hold my hands up from a prone position, I can hoooooist myself into a sitting position, then from there puuuull my chubby lil legs into a standing position sofastbeforeanyonecandoanything teeheehee. I'm HRC, I can do anything I want! Other things I like to do are:

1. Sujud every time someone says Allahu akbar
2. Tip when someone sings "I'm a Little Teapot" ("Tip me over and pour me out")
3. Bouncebouncebounce
4. Rollrollroll
5. Sulk (eg: When Mummy comes home late, I'll look anywhere but at her for about five minutes until she placates me teeheehee)
6. GRAB everything within a 30 cm radius

Soon I'll be terrorisingtearing around Nen's house woohoo! Mummy says when that time comes hopefully she'll be able to lose weight from chasing me around so much.

Well, enjoy my pics everybody!

HRC Nadyn, Princess of the Universe

I'm a lil teddy bear lalalalala (Thanks Aunty Iman and Aunty Min for the towel!)

Heya Owlie, how you doin'? (Mummy: 2 seconds later Owlie was in Nadyn's mouth)

Heehee, flashcards are so funny

Well, maybe just a liiiiil bit funny

My toys are better than Daddy's!

Really! They are too better than Daddy's!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Nadyn J The Model @ When Parents Attack!

Hello all,

Daddy gave Mummy a digicam thingy as a belated birthday gift in the hopes that he won't ever have to change a single diaper again (Mummy: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) so they've been going crazy with the pics! Mummy hasn't uploaded all of the photos yet, but here're some of me modelling head-decorations:-

You mean, babies aren't supposed to stand like this?!

Hmm, I don't know when I'll be free...maybe I can squeeze you in between my 2nd and 3rd naps

You paparazzi! Can't you leave a lil princess alone?

Hehehe..Daddy doesn't know I've slobbered all over his t-shirt

Oh man, enough with the camera, Mummy!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Things Her Mummy Would Like You To Know About Her Royal Cuteness (HRC) Nadyn J., 3 months and 10 days

1. Also widely known as Bonyok @ Bon Bon to her adoring public, when royal honorific is not in use, and this is why:-

Hi, I am Bonyok. I like looking at the camera.

2. Her genetic heritage is still somewhat in dispute, although her paternal side seems to be winning the war:-

Daddy and Mini-Daddy @ Why Are Mummy's Genes So Weak?!

3. Current abilities include (but not limited to!) rolling over back-to-front (but not front-to-back, alas!) and ruling over the world.

4. Glossary of important words:-
- Please Mummy, can you breast-feed me now?
and its variations the appealing Ngeng-g-g (Oh Mummy, why is it taking you so loooong?) and NGEEEEEEENNNGGGG!!! (Damnit Mummy, I did ask you nicely, now suffer my wrath!!!)

Ging! (usually uttered when in prone position whilst being cooed over by adoring public)
- I am bored of lying down and would like you to carry me around as if I were sitting on a throne and surveying my domain please
and its variations Ging-g-g-g (Note: The suffix 'g-g-g-g' can be taken to mean 'please pretty please' in this case, 'Please pretty please carry me etc etc) and GINGGG!!! (to be presented as a loud and unexpected explosion of baby wrath)

Ging-ing in action

- Enough of this breastfeeding malarkey give me my bottle of (horribly expensive) formula!

Gu-gu (to be said in very appealing manner with batting of eyelashes if necessary)
- Auntie Sha, let's play Kung-Fu Fighting! (Ed's Note: No, I do not encourage violence, this game simply entails Nadyn J batting my sister's hands in Kung-Fu fashion whilst sister sings chorus from Kung-Fu Fighting. The lengths that adoring adults will go to to please babies are limitless. Parents must learn to exploit this)

Nggh-nggh-ACK!!!! (to be said forcefully whilst talking to Atok, normally as a form of complaint)
- I can't believe Mummy's still not back from that Evil Place. Do you know how long I've gone without my Ngeng?! I'm writing to the papers about this!!!
and its numerous variations, most notably Gack-unggh-ungggh and Urgghhh-urghhh-GRACK!!!

5. Current addictions are her fist (no pictorial evidence, as yet) and MTV, Oprah and telenovelas (Ed's Note: The horror!)
Mummy, please let me watch MTV, please pretty please?

6. Favourite books (to be read and consumed) to get her gurgling include Dr. Seuss's ABC, The Foot Book, Oh The Thinks You Can Think (especially this particular page with a race on a horse with a goldfish. Erm, you just have to read it to find out), and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish. Oh, and also her flashcard with the elephant picture. Go figure.

and last, but definitely not least (for now)...

7. She has slept for 9 hours straight not one, but TWO nights in a row! We have done somersaults in thanks and appreciation. (Cue prolonged wood-touching session)

Better than TV, I tell ya!

Note from Nadyn to Aunties Min and Mel

Dear Aunties Min and Mel,

Mummy says she's very sorry that all the pics are helter-skelter and in no particular chronological order (Yup, I can say 'chronological'- but it sounds more like 'nggngggg-ACK!' to your untrained ears). They range from when I was 3 days to recently (the ones with the pink hat were taken before I went to PD last Raya Haji). Here is one more of me so Mummy can test her image-linking skills (or lack thereof!)

Nadyn J- 3 weeks thereabouts

Me in the incubator at 3 days
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I am Princess, Hear Me Roar! (and get this hat off me!)- Nadyn at about 1 month
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Hmm...I wonder how I can get this pink cap off without Mummy knowing?
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What is it with Daddy and the No Flash Rule?
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This is me at 1 month old- I can't fit into the basket now
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Obviously, Daddy didn't switch on the flash
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This pink hat- I is not liking!
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More on ME!

Hello loyal subjects,

Mummy has finally gotten her act together and has figured out (somewhat) how to post my cute lil pics on this blog. Auntie Min and Auntie Mel, enjoy!

Nadyn, Little Princess of the Universe
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

In the Beginning...

Hi, I'm Nadyn, Princess of the Universe. You may call me Your Royal Cute Highness. I also answer to Your Adorableness, Little Cutie, Little Dumpling, and if you're my Mummy, Daddy, Aunty Sha or Chu Bils you may call me Little Bonyok. Although occasionally I will make a face when I hear that last one.
Mummy has decided that it would be a good idea for me to start blogging, because you can never start too early. Also Mummy's friends have been telling her to put my photos online, so they can see. That's understandable, because I am the most beautiful, most intelligent, most adorable, kung fu-fighting, disco-dancing little princess in the whole universe, after all.
So, my loyal subjects, stay tuned for the adventures of Nadyn, Little Princess of the Universe!


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